Prayer journal – day 2 

So I’m picking up on day 2 of Catholic Mama Bear’s 31 Day Prayer Journal Prompts. 🙂 

I’m grateful for: a very understanding husband who calls me out when I’m being too hard on myself.

Tomorrow I will: make progress on cleaning our apartment. Specifically, returning the camping gear to the storage unit, folding the rest of my laundry, and taking out the recycling.

I want to pray for this person(s): those struggling with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. I struggle with this, and often find it hard to connect (with family, friends, in prayer…) when I am overwhelmed. Even though it happens a lot, piles of things (dishes, papers, etc.) stress me out when they get too high, and I have a really hard time transitioning from inaction to action, and actually being able to do something to lessen said stress.

What is one way I can be brave day-to-day: admitting my vulnerability. It is very rare for me to admit that I am overwhelmed, and I often feel like its a weakness to ask for help. But that’s marriage. That’s friendship. That’s family. That’s what those things are for; they see your vulnerability and flaws, and love you anyway. That’s Christ-like love.

When is a time you were in spiritual darkness or isolation: Well…kind of now. I don’t feel like I’m challenging myself in my prayer & introspection, so…enter daily prayer journal. 🙂 Seriously, though, I have been reading Come Be My Light during Adoration, and it has helped. It has been comforting to know that I’m not alone in this feeling of spiritual dryness.

What is something you know or believe: that it’s going to be okay. That, with help and prayer, I will be able to overcome (or at least learn how better to cope with) feeling overwhelmed and anxious so often. I know it isn’t an immediate thing, no quick fix, but it will be alright. 


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