Prayer journal – day 3

Day 3 of Catholic Mama Bear’s prayer journal prompts:

Today I’m grateful for: having Mondays off, and being able to relax a bit after a very eventful weekend.

Tomorrow I will: greet the day with optimism (I have a meeting tomorrow that could be pretty negative, but I am going to try not to react emotionally to it.)

Today I want to pray for this cause: a private intention for someone recently hospitalized.

Do I laugh enough each day: usually. I have a goofy husband that makes that pretty easy. 🙂

If you could witness one biblical event, what would you choose: the telling of the Good Samaritan story. To hear Christ tell us to love our neighbors (all of them), and to show them mercy.

What do you look forward to every week: preparing the church for the weekend. I handle much of the environment (among other things), and I love when I get time Thursdays or Fridays to make little changes for the weekend. Not only is the space quiet and calm, but it just feels comforting. 


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