Prayer journal – day 4

Day 4 of Catholic Mama Bear’s prayer journal prompts

Today I am grateful for: an evening off(-ish) to spend with my husband. We had a meeting, and I was supposed to go back to work this evening, but that was cancelled. Instead, we had an adventure/date…at Fleet Farm. It was wonderful. 🙂

Tomorrow I will: get up early enough to have breakfast (or at least coffee) before Tom leaves for school. 

Today I want to pray for this person(s): same as yesterday (special intention for someone who has been hospitalized, and their family).

Today I want to pray for this cause: for our politicians, that they may make decisions based on what is best for the whole, not what best serves them.

Am I finding time to rest each day: now that I’ve been blogging, yes. I actually find this to be quite cathartic, and it allows me to be very candid.

What has been the most spiritual moment of your life so far: TEC. Specifically, confession while at TEC. It felt as if a giant weight had been lifted, and it was incredible. 

What characteristics make you who you are: being caring and compassionate, listening, solving problems, facilitating learning, and creating. 


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