Prayer journal – day 5

Prayer journal prompt from Catholic Mama Bear.

Today I’m grateful for : some peace at the end of the workday to be able to address a project with a clear mind.

Tomorrow I will: drink more water. Because hydration. And because I stink at drinking water, and get headaches because of that.

Today I want to pray for this person: my husband. He is in the process of making a big decision career-wise, and there are a lot of things to consider. I pray that we can come to a rational and right conclusion, and embrace the outcome. (That sounds a lot more dire than it really is…I promise.)

Today I want to pray for this cause: for couples soon to be married, that they may focus more on the marriage than the wedding, helping one another to live a more Christ-like life.

What is one way you can be more humble: by admitting my mistakes, and accepting that not all of the ideas I have are fantastic. 🙂 I work in a setting where change is often gradual, and few things are rushed. I, however, am a creative person that likes to come up with ideas (and act on them). Since I am still reasonably new at my job, there are many nuances that I’m not aware of, and that make some of the ideas I’ve had…quite impractical. 

Where is the most sacred spot you’ve ever been: at the cross on the hill outside of Antigua, Guatemala. No doubt.

What is one thing you tend to enjoy in excess instead of in moderation: Netflix. And ice cream.


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