Prayer journal – day 6

Prayer journal prompt from Catholic Mama Bear

Today I’m grateful for: this beautiful fall weather, perfect for leggings, a sweater, and curling up under the blanket I’ve been working on.

Today I will: not drink too much coffee. I don’t need to see sound today. 😀

Today I want to pray for this person: for my best friend, who is expecting her first kiddo in about a month.

Today I want to pray for this cause: for nurses, may they have the strength to care for their patients without growing weary from what they see and have to deal with.

Is there anyone in particular you wish you could hug right now: my grandpa. He passed away a few years ago, and there have been a lot of things lately I wish I could talk to him about. I miss him and his wisdom.

If you could meet any one saint, who would it be: St. Teresa of Calcutta. Her care for the poor and those in need, as well as her unwavering devoutness, despite the fact that the last 50 years of her life were a time of spiritual darkness, are such an important example. They show that your life as a Catholic doesn’t have to be perfect to be holy. 

How do you act when you’re afraid: I shut down. I hide. I distract myself with input (Netflix, a book, etc.), and struggle to address the problem. I know that isn’t a healthy approach, but I’m trying to change how I respond. It isn’t easy, but I’m trying. Instead, I am doing my best to turn to prayer first, and to introspection. 


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