Prayer Journal – Day 16

Prayer journal prompts from Catholic Mama Bear. (Yes, I’m a lot behind…but I think I’m just going to go forward, rather than go back and force the posts)

Today I’m grateful for: having Mondays off, and having the spare time to spend 3.5 hours in/driving to fabric stores looking for material for pretty scarves. And being able to go to the chiropractor. ❤❤❤ It has provided so much relief, even in just two sessions.

Today I will: wash the load of laundry that has been waiting patiently to be washed for the past couple of weeks. 

Today I want to pray for this person(s): for the health and healing of a friend struggling with a multitude of ailments, all at the same time, that her spirits will be lifted, and her perseverence not be shaken.

Today I want to pray for this cause: for pro-life being all life, not just pro-birth. To include the elderly, those with physical and mental disabilities, the poor, and even the importance access to education to provide a better life.

Do I need to slow down? Is there a reason why? Eh. Sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I run around like crazy, and other times I can sit (not being terribly productive) for hours. A happy medium would be nice.

If you could meditate for a whole day, where would you do it? Norway. When we were there, we stayed in a cabin that overlooked a fjord. There would be fantastic. 

Where are some ideal places you like to pray? In the car, or in the empty church. Since I work there, I get to be there regularly when all of the lights are off, and the only sound you hear is the water flowing from the baptismal font. 


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